How to Lose 5 Pounds in one Week

How to Lose 5 Pounds in one Week

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Losing five pounds in one week sounds like an easy task but for some this will be very challenging.

To lose 5 pounds in a week you will be required to burn about 17,500 calories. This number might seem overwhelming but you have to understand how your body burns calories on a daily basis. Everything you do burns calories. However, while your trying to lose weight your body still needs nutrition. So you will need to consume a decent amount of calories to stay healthy during this process.

Men should consume 1,500 calories a day and 1,200 calories for women should be enough unless your pregnant. Consult your doctor if you have any other medical conditions or health factors that might call for consuming more calories. So in one week your calories of food intake should total 10,500 - 8,400. Within these calories you must aim to get a balance of all major food groups while focusing on cutting down on fats, carbs, and greasy foods. Stay away from fast food if you can, make a meal at home and bring it to work or school.

To lose 5 pounds that means you have to burn 17,500 calories plus the calories you consumed during the week. For men you will have to burn 28,000 calories and 25,900 calories for women. Accomplishing this goal will be much easier if you drink 80-100 oz of water daily, workout 60-120 minutes every day, and focus on maintaining an active lifestyle. Walk to the store or ride your bike. Use your body instead of motorized transportation. This doesn't include your workout. If you do this your body should burn the food that you eat every day and the workouts at the gym will burn the rest of the calories that you need to burn in order to meet your goal of losing 5 pounds in a week. Good luck!


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