How to Relieve Lower Back Pain

Approximately 80 percent of Americans experience back pain in their life. Back pain can occur for many reasons including standing or sitting for long periods at a time, an injury, being overweight, or it can occur because of a disc problem which can require medical professional help. This article is going to focus on more general back pain experienced by most people. Low back pain can occur when the ligaments in the back become weak. Ligaments hold the spinal cord in place, and when a muscle weakens, vertebrae can get out of place and cause pain. The pain can be debilitating. Read on for some steps that can be taken to relief some or all of the pain experienced.

When pain occurs with back muscle spasms, try using an ice pack, a gel pack, or even a bag of frozen peas (not to be reused), and gently place on the painful area for 20-30 minutes for the first couple of days. This will help reduce any swelling.

Take an anti-inflammatory medication such as ibuprophen to relieve pain. Perhaps a muscle relaxing medication may be needed. There are medications on the market that do not cause drowsiness. Please check with a physician. Sometimes higher doses of an anti-inflammatory are needed to ease the pain. Contact your physician to get a prescription that will not upset your stomach.

If an injury has occurred, try using a heating pad set at a low temperature for 20-30 minutes. Don't fall asleep with this or a burn could occur.

Rest on a firm mattress on your back with your knees elevated. Using one thin pillow or no pillow is also helpful. Some are more comfortable resting on their sides with their knees bent.

Go to a professionally-trained massage therapist to help relieve the pain. They know how to ease the tension in your back and ease your pain.

Wear a back belt or brace to support your back and keep it from further injury.


  • Start a stretching and exercising program that will strengthen your back muscles. Try to lose weight if you are overweight. This will ease the strain on your back. Good posture is a good thing. This will help strengthen your abdominal muscles. Don't overdo activity once you start feeling better. Be gentle with your back.